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Your Personal growth

Your personal growth starts well before you are even born.  Your mother prepares you to come into this world.  As you grew you come across many incidents, events and people which teach you many life lessons that promotes your personal growth.
Your personal growth cannot be compared with others because you are unique in nature.  But what is personal growth for you?

It can be:

  • Emotional stability ( knowing how to manage your emotions )
  • Financial Freedom ( enough money to earn a living happily)
  • Happiness
  • Success ( can mean different thing for people )
    • You manage to build your dream home
    • You have a successful career with a well-paid job
    • You passed all your exams with flying colors
    • You married your love
    • You enjoying optimum level of good health
  • Overcoming a traumatic experience
  • Life lessons

And many more.

Your personal growth involves mainly your personality involvement over the years.  It changes from time to time.  15 years back you are no longer the person you are today.  You have changed drastically.  You have a better understanding of how life is. Your experience is definitely your best teacher which had motivated you to get a better living.

Personal Growth
your personal Growth

What’s important in personal growth?

  •  Do not compare your personality with others. Whether you are an  introvert or an extrovert, everyone is special in its way.  However you    also learn how not to let others control you. Isn’t it? You learn how to  manage your life so that others do not take advantage of you.
  •  Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Face your weakness with grace  and positive attitude
  • Choose only positive and motivational thoughts to describe your home, career, love, relationships and finances
  • Define what is success for you? Success does not necessarily mean get yourself a good job after studying hard and start building your dream house.    Success can by any moment of happiness in your life and celebrate it.
  • Self-knowledge comes after many failures, victory or other life events in your life. Some are traumatic while others involves only celebration. This forms part of your life-purpose on earth.  You are here to learn.  Be humble and kind with yourself.
  • Heal your past actions, experience and relationships. It is important to release any grudge, resentments and forgiveness that may be holding you towards a happy life.  You learnt your lessons. Now is the time to let go and move on.
  • During the course of your life from childhood to adulthood, you surpass many emotional and physical phases that may torment you which is not easy. With globalization you might find it more difficult to adjust in your society such as which norms, values and culture to follow? You will mostly be comparing yourself and you will often feel low graded because others are the best in your eyes. STOP.  Learn to discuss your issues with your parents, talk about your feelings and honor your life.  Do not wear a mask which the society wants you to wear. JUST BE HONEST TO YOURSELF
  • Choose the career which makes you happy. Do not work just to earn yourself a living. Work because you find happiness is doing what you like.
  • Your personal growth will also involve finding balance in what you do every day.
  • Most importantly, your personal growth will relate to discovery your inner self.
Personal Growth
Your Personal Growth

 The phase of discovering your inner self

 How do you face your life challenges which promote your personal growth?  Most often people feel so weak when they cannot overcome worries, deceptions, failures or other issues.  There is often no one who will impart the true knowledge and wisdom.  Who should you seek? Know that often these circumstances have been created by you without you knowing it.  Because the law of attraction is always in action.  It is never too late to start a happy life.  If you identify yourself as such, follow these simple steps that can help you in your personal growth

  • You just need to be adopt a holistic life style. Develop only positive patterns of thoughts
  • Use creative visualization everyday
  • By going in deep level of meditation, you can heal past wounds, your present moment and your future. Live in NOW.
  • Ask questions to yourself – What is your true potential? What is it that you want to do now?
  • Exercises daily and prepare yourself good and healthy food

As long as you are on earth, your personal growth will not stop here.  You will learn many other life lessons. So henceforth, it is important for you to attract the best in your life.

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