30 Jun

Not a discipline which only the Hindu Dharma follows

It has its roots from ancient texts such as the vedas and upanishads. Well it is not necessary a discipline which only the Hindu Dharma follows, but anyone who understand its benefits will follow the discipline. And anyone who follows such discipline knows how to better live a good lifestyle.  Part of the discipline are breath control, mediation and other body postures and so on. Yoga has helped thousands of people suffering from cancer, asthma, trauma, stress and depression and so on. Note, it is not only for people suffering from any kind of diseases. Practising it daily will help you psychologically, physically, mentally and biochemically.

It helps energy to flow in more beautiful ways.


Jaya shares her story as she has now become a pro in Yoga. She is more enthusiastic as ever. She vibes easily with people.

”I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28. The age where girls wish to experience lots of things. I wanted to travel the world and I was deeply in love with my schoolmate. He finally accepted my proposal when I was 25. We promised to be there for each other. But as destiny decided, he left my side when he learned about my illness. This moment broke me into pieces. I was devastated. I had no where to go. But I was lucky enough to have family support at this crucial moment. I wanted to live again. Then, a friend of mine approached me and made me discovered the secrets of Yoga. At first, I was willing to follow it. But, Yoga helped me alot. I mentally prepared myself that I wanted to live my life better. Then, I joined Mrs Jones class. There are lots of disciplines about how to train the mind, manage our feelings and we learn yoga in depth. She helped me so much. I didn’t even do chemioterapia. Yoga helped me to improve my immune system. I started meditation and soon became so acquainted with it. It helped me discovered the incredible me and lots of things. I feel better than ever before. I discovered love again while I was in the process of healing. And, I am so grateful to yoga. A good discipline indeed helps you to live better.”

Why Yoga has become our daily routine?

Yoga shouldn’t be forced. It is not a fitness regime. You should understand that it is a way of living. It is an excellent way to deal with any challenges. It helps you to build stamina, concentrate / focus, think and feel in better ways, allow you to make good decisions.

Indeed it helps you physically. On a spiritual level, you are much more in tune with your own energy.  If you want to start manifesting the life you want, Yoga is your solution.


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