20 Jul

Sex is a beautiful thing

Sex is indeed a beautiful thing. This short article doesn’t serve to discriminate anyone’s thought, and it is not a taboo to talk about it. People should know about it, leave doing it. People think it is a bad thing if we talk about it. But, do you know because people treat it badly, their life are in a mess.


Many people just fall into this trap thinking that they should just jump into it,because everyone is doing it. Well, it is not a show off. Teens of today are more at risk. Maybe because of temptation, and also our curriculum doesn’t really make them aware of it. Why they shouldn’t do it until they are matured enough to take the responsibilities. Sex is a responsibility. Yes, it is also fun as well as sacred.

It is a mean of reproduction. But, you should carefully choose your partner. It is a mental and soul thing, should you understand this deeper! You should first be connected to your partner’s mind. It’s a different.

Many ask, is it okay to have it before marriage? When they should have it? How will they know when to have it? Simple question – Why do you want it? and, do you trust your partner enough? This is the first factor that comes in play. TRUST.

Well, sex is not only a means of reproduction. You will know when you are just read. You simply allow it to happen because of the trust factor. Secondly, you feel fully committed to it. And, also you love your partner. It then becomes a powerful experience bringing two souls together.

We are not here to tell you the benefits of sex tonight. You can read it elsewhere. Importance here is to share with you some intimate conversation. After you read it, dare to talk to your partner if you are in a relationship. It is a beautiful conversation. Like said, to have someone understand you, your soul and mind is a different kind of intimacy. So, know with whom you want to share this moment both mentally and physically. While sex can be enjoyable, know with whom you share this energy. Like you, sex is energy too. And, this energy is more intimate. Your energy and your partner’s energy will intertwined when you make love. Should you not trust into this, don’t go forward. This energy is so powerful that it can leave you spiritual debris if the energy of one person is not good. Love is a good vibration. You should feel it. So, don’t just flow in emotions. Because the more you flow into this energy, you will get closer to the energy of your partner. Our advice is: Allow yourself to know each other well. Help each other to get healed and empowered. Sex is indeed a beautiful thing.

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