25 Feb

Using the law of attraction

The Universe conspires to make things happen the way you want. I think you are not reading this for the first time. Yes I am talking about the using the law of attraction.  What is this about?  To be direct you are what you think.  The law of attraction consists of likes attract likes.   Every thought of yours is a real force and ultimately building the future of yours.  This Law of Attraction is a concept in science which has evolved from the laws of affinity.

You are someone very positive then know also this is magical as the Universe is carefully working with your thoughts. Using the law of attraction is like breathing without you worrying about it.  It already exist and you cannot change it. All around you there is a supreme force or call it energy which is ruling this boundless universe.  You are born free but as you grow up, you are faced with civilization, customs, values, relationships and thus forgetting the real you because you have enforced themselves to think the way society think and want you to think.

You will be faced with poisonous and addictive atmosphere and thus you think like others are thinking and acting.  But remember your mind is continuously sending out all your thoughts to that Universe.  Your thoughts are like frequency channels and will attract what you are sending.  If you send negative / hopeless signals, this is what you get back in your life.

The rule of the law of attraction is very simple but delicate.  By Using the law of attraction, you need to be aware of each and every movement that you take.  Remember, you are using the law sometimes without your awareness. Think negative, this is what you get back.  Be positive, this is what you get back.  Do not imprison yourself into the unknown. Live in the present moment and bless your future.


You are part of this power and you are powerful.  Feel  love for everything in your life: feel good for money,  relationships, love, career, prosperity, house, food,  animals and nature.

If you feel it, know you will receive it.  Everything here  is magnetic. That’s the law of attraction all about.  You  are energy too having a magnetic frequency.  Have a  positive mindset and lift yourself to that tip point of  feeling good.  It will come back to you adding more  good feelings to your life.

Choose the right people in your life and know with whom you will discuss things.  What you think is also more energetic that what you do or say.  Thoughts come first.

In everything you do also, love yourself a lot. Love begins with you. If you hate yourself, you will attract bad feelings from others for yourself.  Do not be judgmental about yourself and others.

Check out your thoughts before sending your requests to the Universe. Phrases, sentences, wordings you use are important. If you want something in the future, do not ask I will ask for this, I want to be … All you ask must be in present tense. You can meditate regularly, use visualization chart to remind you of your dreams.  Be Grateful to what you have.  The power of gratitude is a powerful tool for the Universe to quickly respond to you.

Using the law of attraction
Using the law of attraction
Do not dwell into bad things, into your aliment. Find solutions, think of power, strength and remedies. The law of attraction is all about what you think, say and do. So Just think Good, Say Good and Be Good to all.
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