25 Feb

Toxic Relationship

1. If you feel constantly being humiliated by your partner for no absolute reasons, it is a toxic relationship.  Often in a healthy relationship, a person is generally happier, more stable and positive energies overflow constantly. A toxic relationship will drain you emotionally. You no longer recognize yourself. You feel ungrounded and unable to move out. You will constantly finding yourself getting ill frequently and pains in all the part of your body.

2. When people fall in love, you see only the good side of the person.  You will find everything is gorgeous and whatever the person will say, you will find it easy to go for it.  But this is not love.  This is stupidity.  Balancing is important. Do not just got for a relationship just because you are alone.   Know the person well, their qualities and what you do not like.  Sometimes both partners need to compromise because of indifferences else this lead to toxic relationship.  You no longer have the same pleasure and sensuality like before.  Your desires towards your partner seem to fade out and one of you seem to have more power over the other one.

3. Before, you held a high self esteem to yourself, had more respect for your partner and there was an innocence in your relationship. Now, there is no freewill but more arguments and discussion.  Your partner no longer approach you with more compassion and empathy. There is more conflict.

4. You both have contrasting communication styles. You both speak words that only hurt and assertiveness is now aggressiveness and there is no win-win situation. Sometimes there is more dishonesty. One partner can start cheating or having extra marital affairs. Partners cannot separate because of children. You are living the worse toxic relationship.

5. Your partner has lost his trust on you and is more jealous of you. Sometimes in certain cases, partners display jealousy because of their partner is more successful than them and they cannot bear this. This is the ego which is speaking. What can be done to heal this relationship or should you move out?

toxic relationship

How to fix a toxic relationship?

1. In order to heal your relationship, first of all you will have to understand yourself and love yourself more. Try to find out what is missing in you, what are the mistakes you have done and how can you make yourself a better person. Make a list of all the good things about you and be grateful.

2. Secondly, you will have to list of all the good things about your partner. How you both met, recall all the moments and think deeply why are you both leading a toxic relationship? How can this be solved?

3. Both should find a comfortable place and sit down opposite side tending away from each other. Start the conversation and talk softly. This is difficult as one of you will tend to be one man show. But you will have to give each other time to speak and heal this relationship.

4. Recall all wonderful moments, re-write your vows and promises and sort out all differences. Plan a vacation together.

5. If this doesn’t work, then it is time to move out because staying longer in a toxic relationship will make you unstable, aggressive, hostile, unfriendly and indecisive.
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