19 Sep

Time management is important and thus you need to know how to balance your life.  It seems that everybody is trading their time and time is running out of their hands.  This applies to anyone whether you have exams next door or an employee that needs to meet a deadline or manage your household.  But still, you will easily find time to manage your social networks such as Facebook or Twitter because you love doing this.  But keeping in mind productivity and results, you will have to think a second time before doing things that are not urgent though they can be important.  Time management is essential which is crucial for your own success and peace of mind.

Few Quick Tips on how to manage time

  1. Do you have a set schedule? If not, it’s time to develop a routine and stick to it. You will need to list down your top priorities in life.  You can set a daily routine. Do not rush.  Life can be easy if you know how to set what should be done first.
  2. If you forget things, get yourself a calendar of the board.  You should also learn to delegate tasks. Do not do it all by yourself.  If you have lots to study, ask for help and schedule your time accordingly to what you should study first.  Give maximum time to those subjects in which you are weak.
  3. Find the right place to study.  A disturbance will prevent you from concentrating.  Find a place where there is peace of mind and away from Facebook or any social networks.  Keep your mobile aside for some time.
  4. You have limited time, that is only 24 hours a day.  Know how to plan your work.   Productivity does not mean you should keep working 24 hours.  By learning how to balance your work life, you will improve your ability to focus and improve.  Don’t wait until the last minute to revise your subjects.  You will end up frustrated.
  5. You leave no room for frustration or procrastination when you are good at time management.   Learn to NO to unwanted requests.  You should not be a people pleaser.  If you are an employee and think that you should say yes to all work even out of obligation, you will definitely end up in depression and stress.  Be yourself and say NO when you can’t do it.
  6. Learn how to manage your work efficiently and effectively.  Remember the old adage ”Work Smarter not Harder.”  Master this secret and see the best results.
  7. Get yourself enough time to sleep.  Take some retreat from time to time.
  8. You can be an early riser and sleep early.   Remember the 8 habits of highly effective people.
  9. Find time to exercise and eat a healthy diet.
  10. Lock yourself in sometimes.  Meditate.
  11.  Find out what are the important activities that need the most attention right now. Assess whether they are urgent, least important or urgent and very important, or less urgent. This principle of assessing your daily activity is called the Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle.
  12. The Pareto Principle is also useful if you are seeking to achieve maximum efficiency.  It allows you to focus your time, energy, efforts and resources by using the 80/20 rule.  This rule allows you to better prioritize your activities so that you can focus on the critical 20% that will produce 80% of the results.
  13. Just set your SMART goals which serve you the best. Learn to entail responsibility without allowing external influences to throw you off the course.



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