25 Jul

Real Abundance 

What’s abundance for you?

Would you relate real abundance to material possessions only? Look around you.. There’s abundance everywhere. But many are not conscious of real authentic abundance. Stop what you are doing for a while right now. Take your pen and a notebook. Jot down everything that comes to your mind when you think of abundance.  And then, we shall proceed to a wonderful abundance meditation.

Real Abundance

There’s an infinite source which exist. Some call it pure consciousness, a source of love and light. While many focus on abundance as money only, others acknowledge that consciousness can affect the flow of pure, authentic, real abundance. They know that real abundance is the divine right of everyone. If you keep feeling bad of having limited amount of money for instance, you will never attract it. If you feel lack of love, you will always feel lack of love in your surrounded. You should feel love within you first. Feel joy within you first without attaching it to something. Breathe and relax. That’s pure bliss – your breathe. You simply need to know abundance is just right here. Let it flow through you easily and effortlessly. Have you praise nature around you? Friends who are already with you! Have you praise / give thanks to what you already have? Laughter, cheer, being receptive enough are all signs of abundance. Share your gifts to the world. Stop for a while and OBSERVE …



It is easy and simple to do. Cultivate moments of silence everyday. Give yourself time and space to appreciate what nature gave you already. Don’t ignore the beauty of nature. Rather, soak up her and OBSERVE each and everything which nature presents to you. If you want to attract more abundance and feel it within you, I recommend you to follow Mentor Deepak Chopra’s abundance meditation. It is powerful indeed.

Know that everything is made up of energy. So is abundance. So don’t think bad about it. Keep a balance between giving and receiving. And, remember while giving you should feel love within yourself. Yes, money is abundance too. Know that, everything you desire is already within you.

Here’s a short active meditation which you can do daily ( twice )

  1. Breathe and relax. Rub your hands until you feel some warmth.
  2. Say any favorite mantra ( could be I feel loved today, abundance is my birthright, OM, SO HUM, .. )
  3. Then breathe in through your nose (count of 4).
  4. Hold (count of 2)
  5. Exhale (count of 4)
  6. Smile and Relax.
  7. Repeat your mantra ( you can change the mantra daily or repeat as many as you wish daily)

Remember, whenever you feel your mind is wandering or you are feeling bad, bring back your attention to your favorite mantra. Repeat the breathing process and just smile.

Well, mine is The universe has my back 🙂

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