28 Feb

Online oracle reading

Been so long .. Simply observe the image below and which animal draws your attention right now .. do not second guess ..
Listen to your inner voice or feelings … If ever you do not feel to choose any word .. SIMPLY think of this Image as a whole picture and ask for guidance … Pay attention to what comes to your mind. It could be a word, a message, a person.. anything.
Your readings / guidance has been designed using Oracle cards.

online oracle reading
online oracle reading

YOUR online oracle reading are below

This online oracle reading is purely divine and meant for your higher good.

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you feel like a free bird..there might be some people who are jealous of you. So beware of these people as they only drain your energy..It also seems you are in search of something, no matter what, you will soon find the purpose.There also seems to be travel for you soon. All will be handled well if you plan the trip. there will also be celebration soon in your family – the joy and cheer are here now. Open your arms to welcome happiness.

the end to your worries. Someone might come to help or is already helping. Simply honor your emotions and flow with it but do not drown into it. Its just the hump. just circle yourself with the divine white light whenever you are sad or worried. You also need to find balance in what you plan to do. DOing all at a time will not serve you. You also need a little compromise and be patient with yourself. Let others criticize just focus in your goals.

There are many opportunities around you but you are confused.
Just go forward and face your fears. Let go the doubts whether you can do it or not. Because yes you can do it. you can calm the angry people. Just keep the positive attitude and the strong desire to achieve it. You will. Analyse and take decisions well. you are at the level of authority and you are wise enough.
Success will be yours whether its your job, family or love.

Sharing brings in more love. spend more time with your love ones.
go out for a vacation or for a picnic somewhere. There is also someone close to you meeting you soon, could be a surprise. Excitement in store for you. On the other hand, it is not always important to reply back everyone. Stay away from conflicts or gossips. Only stay in groups if there is unity and love. Plan well before you start any works and keep
options if ever one plan fails.

this talks about boundaries. watch out. have you been restricting yourself from doing what you really want? or have you been letting yourself be used by others easily only because you love them.
do not let any situations make you vulnerable which is out of your control. Get up now and take actions. Be strong.
on the other hand, there will be prosperity gain for you. So no worries. There will be plenty of success for you. Take advice from your partner when needed.

ADDITIONAL if you didn’t choose any image or considered the whole image:

Remember you are also the energy source. So you attract all sort of energies too. Clarify your goals again and see if they are SMART enough. Focus on your thoughts that are positive only.
Doubts and negativity will bring you too more negativity. Reach out to your dreams and grasp it now.
Your main key words or power words: Divine Frequency, Vibration, Empowerment , strength, Gratitude, Focus.