07 Jul

Reasons why nature is a great healer

Nature connects us to our inner self. It is not just for sight seeing, adventures or taking wonderful images. If you could feel its beauty deep within you, nature is a good healer. The closer you are to nature, the healthier you will be. Ask a shaman. No matter what, we are deeply connected to the wonders of Mother Earth.

The sun is a circle
The earth is a circle
The moon is a circle
The drum is a circle
We are a circle
— ancient Sammi song

nature is a great healer

In order to be much more in tune with nature, go out often. You will reap all the benefits that nature has to offer. You will stay more grounded.  Nature changes our way of thinking. We will think differently and be more happy. We will stay more mindful and think more intelligently. It is said that nature also help to strengthen our senses and memory.  When you are close to nature, pay attention to it – the smell, sound, sight, feel it inside of you.

Many studies revealed we are less stress or depressed when we are connected to nature. Find your time to go for a walk in nature as often as possible. Few people suggest Forest bathing. But it is not necessary to locate a forest. Try hugging a tree. You will notice the difference. Nature can also help curb mental diseases. So try to involve outdoor activities in your daily routine. You will notice the difference.

Why not start gardening or planting at home itself? Especially if you live in rural areas and find it hard to find nature, then bring it at home. Modern life has us spending more time indoors. It will also be good for your children to engage them into gardening. It is best for psychological development.

Feel the beauty of nature. What we give to nature comes back to us. They are of paramount importance. Love Mother Earth. The more love we give, the more love we receive.

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