08 May

Miracle is a belief

Miracle is a belief which we attract when nothing seems right, which is beyond our perception, something which come out of expectations.

You create a logical perception that nothing can save you except a miracle.  Many people will share facts of miraculous healing.  I am not saying Miracles do not exist.  I have a different point here.


Miracle is a belief which starts to happen the moment you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.
So miracle is a belief which you can create any time and anywhere.  It is just a little bit of hard work and practice. Remember the Law of Attraction.

What happens when the miracle you were expecting of do not occur?

As your logic evolves, so many things which were once a miracle now you consider it as the conspiracy of the universe.
Miracle is just another conspiracy set by the Universe. There is nothing as miracle here. Everything here is just pure bliss, energy which you create.  So miracle is another set of energy which you create or can create.  You constantly deal with different energies daily which are vibrational in nature.

Miracle is a belief

If you are at a frequency of loving yourself, that’s an energy which you attract and this is a miracle too.  So if someone is sick, why not use your mind power to heal that person?  Isn’t that a miracle which you can create!!  Miracles are not created by itself.  It is you deep devotion and faith which attracts what you want and a simple doubt can prevent the miracles from happening.

Remember whenever something is not good, remember the universe will respond to your thoughts, vibration and words. Be aware of what is happening around you and heal the situation yourself. Do not expect miracles, create the miracle yourself.


Because when you expect miracles there is another force which comes into play which is not designed by you and this outer force takes over the control.

You are The Creator, The Master.

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