15 Aug


Mastering your Emotions

Mastering your emotions is crucial, else they will dominate you. You better prefer to be in control of your life rather than letting emotions slow you down. Emotions may turn you inward and cloud your vision. Are you the one who constantly feel weakened by any situations? Then it’s time to master your emotions.

Anger, insecurities, constant panic, disappointment, happiness, joy and so on.. !! You name them. They are all emotions. Yes, they are important. But train yourself, your brain to never react in a way which will cause yourself harm. Train yourself to never make a decision while being under the influence of a strong emotion.  Because that’s not who you are. Mastering your emotions involved being in the current moment, observing your surroundings and being in your authentic self. Sometimes it pays to respond rather than to just react. Insecurity is one of the reason which will cause you to panic or vent your anger on others. That’s not the real You. Learn to get physically away from any situation.  Focus on what really serves you.

With a calm spirit and an open mind, learn to question yourself. Is it good to really show anger right now? Can I solve or sort this out without being angry? Will this affect me in 10 days as it is affecting me now? Under such scrutiny, your emotions will lose their hold on you. Believe me, you will soon start think for yourself instead of overreacting.  Choose your best emotions. Emotions tend to narrow the mind as it will only ruin your present moment.

Mastering your emotions allow you to be more flexible, responsible and more productive. Many times, you may encounter yourself with people who will belittle you, besiege you with their endless dramas and so on.. Choose to elevate to a higher frequency. Train your mind every moment like an athlete. It is also true that we do not really have conscious access to the origins of our emotions. When they present themselves, we then interpret them in form of language. Learn to recognize the bias so that you do not confuse yourself. For example, am i really disappointed or am I just pissed off? Why should I be pissed off? Why is this affecting me? Is it really important to me? Is this the only thing in life? Keep asking yourself questions. Yes, you will be tired, but soon will realize this issue may not really be of importance or you may figure out how to sort it out.

Now, there you go on how to better master yourself and your emotions.

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