30 Jul

Love Life – Live the Life you want

Love life and life will love you back. Have you heard of this? Do you agree?  How do you lead your love life so that life be more beautiful even if there is hardship?  Love Life is not two separate objects.  What you give is what you get back.  If you think that you are single and there is no love life for you, you are wrong.  Being authentic to your true self is love because you are being true to yourself.  You are loving yourself to the extent where life offers you more blessings.   It is obvious that a love life doesn’t consist of falling prey to and acquiring all materialistic things in life.

love life

What’s exactly a love life?

Let’s get broader.  What’s exactly a love life? Love and Life two separate objects or the same.  Love is life and life is love.  Love cannot be separated because without love life is baseless.  It is the same concept of the law of attraction.  No life without love same as no life without air.  Love itself is the highest frequency where all can exist.  Love has no place for hate.  You must be loving everything, yourself to be on that frequency.   You are an eternal being.  If you haven’t experience that love I am talking of, you are close to experience it soon.  How about standing at the peak of something and feeling the air touching it, a life full of happiness and joy, spreading your arms and screaming “yes I love life, yes I love myself’?  When you came on earth, you came with something within you and that’s love only.

What happen is that, some have forgotten that love, the reason why on earth there is still hatred. No one came without joy and love.  Love is power and power in within you. So would I say Life is Power then? Yes of course. It is power. The power of love that can change everything. The greatest bliss lies in giving more.  Giving love, your positivity, gratitude and good attitude to all.  A Love Life is similar to choosing the best product in life and being happy to spend your money because it is value for money. Everyday congratulate yourself for anything you did and smile to life.  Heal yourself and let go situations which no longer serve you.

love life

Simple.  It is now the beginning when you understand love.  And what if love has the power to attract your soulmate?


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