08 May



What you know about karma?  Remember the quote ‘ what goes around comes around’.  Karma is actually your friend who knows all your moves, thoughts, intentions and actions.

Karma has a direct impact in your life.  No one is responsible for your deeds.  All results that you face are consequently related to everything you have manifested in your life.  Karma is yet a question of belief which everyone does not believe in.  While some believe both in karma and fate, others would say karma is skeptical and has no profound foundation which one can trust upon.

While there is no concrete evidence that an individual continuously take births until he/she attain salvation, other religious beliefs strongly believe into it. RESPECT to all.  Everyone has their point of views.  While some holy scriptures believe in reincarnation, not everyone remembers their previous births whether they were good people or bad people.  Some would say your sufferings is due to past life effects. Is it now the domino effect?

Nonetheless, remember every action creates a reciprocal action.  What you sow is what you get back.  It simply means the grass is greener where you water it.  Sow good thoughts, words and actions and reap them back.  What you think you attract. Should we term it as Karma?

Karma my best friend however I would say Live in the now.  The Law of Attraction, the cosmic universe lies entirely within you.  Simply do good and let only positive effects strikes back in your life.  Mistakes happen knowingly and unknowingly.  One day no matter how nice you could be, You will by mistake utter bad words to your dear ones and what you said will come back to you.  Before you think and act, think again.

In the end, do we have control over everything in life? While the law of attraction denotes about living a holistic lifestyle, why is there still sufferings on earth? Major catastrophe! Do we attract them too?

But with the recent shifts in planetary system, some and more lightworkers are starting to believe more in the cosmic energy that they can save the world.  Our mind acts as the cosmic force if you yet have to discover this. Well yes , the universal mind is the law which is the creative force behind every manifestation.  If everyone could realize this live force.   We are one and we are all connected since we are all part of the one energy field or to mention the supreme mind.

If together we can change the world and make it a better place to live in. From my standpoint, I believe in now. Karma is now. Do good and be good.  While you cannot truly your past bad deeds, you can still negotiate with your present moment so that you build your bright future.


Before I end , here I share with you a simple prayer created by Doreen Virtue to undo the effects of the past:

Dearest Angels, I have made mistakes in how I have treated my body, and I ask that all effects of these mistakes be undone and forgotten in all directions of time by everyone involved’.

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