15 Dec

The Happy Hormones

Sex triggers an increased in the production of oxytocin simply the LOVE HORMONES. Just before orgasm, oxytocin which is released from the brain is accompanied by the release of endorphins. The area of the brain involved in pain reduction is highly activated during arousal and endorphins are released. Endorphin as defined are hormones that are released within the brain and nervous system and that can have many physiological functions. They help to reduce your perception of pain as well acts triggers that make you happy.  We don’t really know if this is a myth, but during orgasm, this happy hormones are release that is endorphins which create a more pleasant, happy and peaceful moments.

But is feeling down after sex a normal issue?

While sex is a pain and stress reliever, some may find a sudden burst of emotions right after orgasm. About 46 percent of women mentioned that they feel down after they orgasm. This is because once the peak of enjoyment or call it ecstasy is reached, hormones tend to return back to their initial state. Women desire to experience it again. They have many things going on in their mind. But know that this phase is short. Feeling down after sex is a normal issue. Your brain will soon adjust itself. Dear Man, Care to cuddle and love her more right after sex. This is the best part in a relationship.


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