28 Aug

Intuitive Oracle Card

Intuitive Oracle Card is another method of receiving some some highlights / messages / ‪#‎Guidance‬  either from Oracle Card or Personally Guided Messages.  Trust that the Intuitive Oracle Card is purely divine and the message that is meant for you will be delivered to you.

Simply Choose which ONE in this Picture Below Attracts you MOST?

🌟  🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟   🌟  🌟
Listen to your ‪#‎Intuition‬ / ‪#‎Feelings‬ and Mentally Hold the Intention for the Universe to Guide you to choose your Intuitive Oracle Card.

Then Scroll Down to see your Messages ……

Intuitive Oracle Card
Intuitive Oracle Card

This Special Intuitive Oracle Card is being delivered to you for Coming Full Moon …
May it brings you all lots of Love, Good Health, Wisdom, Abundance and many more Blessings ..

Scroll down for your messages …..
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🍀  🍀  🍀   🍀    🍀    🍀    🍀    🍀    🍀   🍀    🍀   🍀   🍀    🍀    🍀   🍀   🍀    🍀    🍀    🍀   🍀   🍀
If you select 1:
You are in complete alignment with the Universe.  You have always been but you were ignorant. Know that you are an Intuitive Being who possess the gift of Foresight and who can be in touch with other realities. You have hidden talents and you are probably not ready or have certain fears to explore them.  Meditate, Spend more time with yourself to know yourself. When you are alone, do not focus on useless things, live that time to think, explore.  It is also important to keep yourself grounded daily. Balance yourself in all aspects as well as balancing your routines.  If you worrying about money, put it aside as one sudden change of your thought can bring you many good fortune. Stop being negative.  Keyword:  LOVE


If you select 2:
It will be good if you work with the colour blue in the coming days. This could also mean going to the seaside, lakes and explore nature.  Blue also ward off negativities. Add more colours to your Life.  If you wondering about your life purpose, know it is a noble one. You are a divine soul. Join some spiritual classes or simply meditate on your own if you are yearning for spiritual attunement.  It is often said, when you are ready, the teacher will appear.  Spiritual enlightenment is within your grasp.  Take charge of your own life. Go out for a retreat, vacation. Your intuition is also working perfectly. Know it.  Keyword: ASPIRE


If you select 3:
Want to start a new business with an attractive market! Make your research and go forward. No need to pay attention to criticism, know these criticisms will give you more strength to improve. You do possess deep profound knowledge on handling things. It is not necessary to hold big qualifications for success. You have in you good vibrations and you will eventually attract those that need to be on your path way. Just focus on what you want. Connect to your higher mind before making a decision. New partners can join in. Before signing documents, re-read and clarify everything. Any other legal matters will also be handled in fair manner. Keyword: INTUITION


If you select 4:
Learn to say no to addictive people, situations.  Life brings you more success and failures. It depends on how you view each.  Failures usually cause stress, depression and anxiety. But know each failure is meant to learn an important lesson or to meet certain people. Find the good in that failure. Avoid any kind of over-indulgence.  Open your arms and say Yes to an abundant life.  Decide what exactly you want and spend 1 hour daily to meditate on that. Use affirmations.  Your mind is the ideal key to your ideal reality. Once you make the decision, you will see everything will set in place. Keyword: LIGHT 


If you select 5:
You are attracting good fortune in life. You are the sacred being and ability to heal.  Your pathway is one of self-realization. You can equally draw on your karmic wisdom and past-life skills.  These same qualities attract good friends and mentors to you.  You just need to release vows / promises that no longer serve you and speak what used to be unspeakable. Brilliant success and happiness are coming your way. Time to navigate with confidence if earlier you weren’t.  Take care of your health also and avoid polluted environment. Keyword: EXPLORE

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If you select 6:
If you have recently been facing nightmares, time for cleansing. A good salt bath and clean your room. Remove all toxics items, change the bed sheets and clean the floor with salt water. You can put fresh flowers, light candles.  Mistakes in the past gave you good life lessons. Accept it. Use more affirmations to ward off negative thoughts.  You have the power to go through fiery transformation and emerge transformed. Learn to forgive and let go so you follow your own life plan without judging yourself or being envious of what others achieve. Keyword: ALIGNMENT


If you select 7:
You are a being of infinite love and compassion. Reconnect to the divine and enter a new age. Creative energy can open up many new possibilities for you now.  Stop complaining with other people and agreeing to their complaints.  Think about your talents and passions in life and how you could share them to bring in the new – and then take steps forward to achieve this.
Family celebration time. Know you can attract whatever you want. You are ONE with the Universe.


If you select 8:
You access all levels of consciousness. Let go mental constructs, karmic imprints, soul imperatives and relationships that no longer serve you.  Heal your past and cut cords.  Reframe previous choices and take a new pathway to step into your soul purpose and expand higher dimensions of your soul.  You are perfect exactly as you are in this present moment.  Step onto your soul path and seed your future with potential to be harvested as your progress. + Your prayers about love and relationships have been heard and are being answered. Keyword: TRUTH

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