25 Feb

How to stay healthy?

How to stay healthy
How to stay healthy

Health is the startup of everything.  You do not have a good health, nothing seems good.  Some would complain about weight loss, some about weight gain or other serious illnesses.  Some are genetic while some are developed at one stage in life.  So how to stay healthy? A good health is where one can begin or continue the journey of life. Here are some health tips that will surely do you good if you follow them.
Simply adopt the formula of a healthy lifestyle and see miracles in your life.

1.       Choose your meal well. A balanced diet.
Feel drained? If you do not adopt a good balance diet, your body will not have the nutrition required for it to function properly. Eat more fresh and organic produce food, drink more water and most importantly avoid processed or chemical-laden food and beverages.  Try it and see the rewards.  You will surprise yourself with more vitality, positive energies and the zeal to do more works.

2.       Avoid alcoholic drinks, smoking and any other harmful substances.
This not only destroy your health but also affect you morally.  You become prone to illnesses causing more stress to your life.  It can also destroy your happiness, your peace and your relationships.

3.       Exercises or  other Martial Arts
All these will not only help you to fight one day but mainly help you to concentrate more in life.  It will help you knock down your own ego, fears and boost up your moral and confidence.  You become more active in life, helps to fight obesity and other illnesses. It helps you with imagination, to find focus in what you want to do and be more discipline in life.

4.       Adopt a holistic lifestyle
Positive thoughts / attitude / words / actions will bring wonderful results in your life.   This will help you with emotional and psychological growth in your life.  Yoga or Meditation will also take you to new heights in life improving mental agility, a well-balanced life.

how to stay healthy
how to stay healthy

5.       Spa and Retreat
Stress is in our daily lifestyle.  Set out a  regular retreat in your life. Go out for a spa and surprise yourself.  Go out for a vacation and do things which you always wanted to do.




6.       Face your Stress and Conflicts
You need to be more assertive in life and learn to say no to unwanted requests. Avoid doing things out of obligation and guilt.  Be yourself and face any situations that are worrying you.  Because if you resist pains, conflicts or anything inside you, you are hurting yourself.  Be more open and discuss.

7.       Use of daily affirmations in your life
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha So just imagine the positive affirmations that you will use in life, how can this change your life for best.

8.       You can go to health classes, adopt a healthy weight plan or consult a health coach to help you in your diet.

9.       Choose a hobby such as music, dance classes or learn a new skill

how to stay healthy
how to stay healthy


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