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How to overcome worry?

How to overcome worry
How to overcome worry

Faced with worries and can’t speak out your problems easily to someone? Worries will normally overtake you to that extent where you will stumble across emotional or physically exhaustion.  Often when I am worried, its mostly because of ‘what if this happen, will I do it, what if this happen… etc ‘’
I am easily attracted to worries specially when my energy is weak or the person am doing with has a negative energy. But it is important to embrace your worries and face them with a calm mind by being emotionally intelligent. Instead of finding more problems to your life, discover how to overcome worry.

1.  Analyze and Understand the Worry
Is it something you can deal alone? Or will you need the help of others? Who are those involved in this worry? Are they the one who are affecting you the most?  Can you speak to them and solve it?  If this problem concerns you alone, why can’t you solve it alone? Is this really a problem that will affect the way I am living?  Will I suffocate if I do not solve it?  Do not judge yourself.  Wake up, stand up and say yes I can solve it now.

2.  Break down the worries into pieces
Usually you will have to break them into pieces and solve little by little.  Most of the time when you collect a small worry, it becomes a big worry.  Once something upset you, clear it once for all.  Do not wait for tomorrow. Be proactive.  Else talk with your best buddy or someone you can rely on.

3.  Not everything in life relates to worries.  If you are an empathy and you like helping others, make sure you are not emotionally involved into this because these worries are energy eaters and will drain you completely and often time you will not understand why you are emotionally weak and upset.  Shield yourself before helping others.

4.  One of the common worries are what others think of you.  That’s none of their business.  Dejection/ refusal / disappointment are part of life.  If someone could not understand your worth, let them go.  Appreciate yourself for who you are.   Learn to control the worries by making yourself stronger.  Start being a problem solver.

5.  Lift up your mood.  Adopt a holistic lifestyle and use positive affirmations everyday. For instance, use affirmations in present tense like: “I am a strong problem solver and free from stress.”

6. If you have a worry from the past and could not solve.  You can now but in a constructive meditative state.  Sit down in a quiet and comfortable place and relax.  Close your eyes and recall the moments you wanted to solve but could not. Imagine now how you are solving them keeping a smile in your face.  In your thoughts you are the master and can do magical things to solve anything. Do the same. WHY this technique? Because this one certainly does not let you go in the past in reality but let you solve emotional distress, resentment and any blockages within yourself.

how to overcome worry
how to overcome worry

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