HealingHealing yourself

Healing yourself

Healing yourself

Healing yourself begins with first accepting and loving yourself.  Long ago, few people were falling ill, they didn’t know what stress was all about and they were more acquainted with herbal treatments or the shamanism.  Healing exists well before any illness is even discovered because healing is energy.  Any healing is a therapy that helps to maintain the universal energy. There are many steps to healing yourself.

Healing yourself

Healing yourself – the few zen methods

You have the CHI which can be called by various names Ki, Qi, Prana or Mana.  It is the personal life energy of all living things.  It is our life force and it is when this energy circulates freely that healing takes place strengthening and nourishing your cells.  You become less prone to virus and other diseases.

It is also based on the faith that feelings and thoughts have the power to guide energy and the same energy shapes the world.

There are different modalities of healing namely Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, Gi Gong and other form of Martial Arts.


Why Healing Yourself on a daily basis?

1. It brings in harmony to the body by relieving physical and emotional blocks
2. It cleanses the body and toxins
3. Can also eliminate muscle tightness and soreness
4. Brings clarity, focus and sense of purpose
5. Accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself
6. Brings balance to your relationships and personal life

Through any kind of healing, you will begin to feel more centered and balanced.


You also do not need to follow typical class to activate your energy.  You just need to motivate yourself, believe in yourself and the energy and activate it.  Everyone is born with this energy and you are energy too.
No need to be a certified healer to send healing to others also as everyone does possess the capacity to heal by just having the intense desire to do so.

First Action step: Using the power of your heart center


  Sit down comfortably on a chair and close your eyes.  Breathe in and out slowly keeping your hands on your thighs or prayer position.  Now focus on your heart center. Feel the heart beats and smile to yourself.  Now visualize it being filled with more and more light.  Imagine the color green growing bigger and bigger and as it expands, it is sending you more and more love.

Next, imagine that love is going before you like a powerful beam of light.

Touch your heart with your hand and affirm: ” I am loving and I am loved. I am a  beautiful child of God. I am light and I emanate the beautiful light within me now which I send to my beloved Mother Earth and to everyone. I am Love and Light. I thank God in giving me what is best for my Highest Perfection. In the love of God, Thank you.”

Slowly open your eyes and smile. Isn’t that beautiful?


Second Action Step:


You must have heard of the Gi Gong.  Again you do not have to be a certified healer.  You can start healing any time.  It combines Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Reiki.  The Qi Gong activates your inner healing potential and power.  It is a recommended healing Founded by LEE HOLDEN.

Third Action Step:
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Energy flows where your attention is drawn.  Wake up with a positive mindset every morning and start your healing such as the Gi Gong.
As you remember, healing is not an overnight process but a daily activity to boost up your energy throughout your day.

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