24 Feb

Healing mantra

Discover how any healing mantra can help to open doors to opportunities in your life.  Mantras have long been the source for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  They hold secret syllables which when uttered opens doors for a much happier life.  They awaken the dormant cells in your whole body. We become in harmony with our self and the outer world thus holding the key to Universal knowledge and wisdom.   The word itself is divided into two parts: man (the root of the Sanskrit word for mind); and tra (the root of the word instrument) which relates to an instrument of the mind.

Mantra is undeniably the most powerful sound or vibration and realistic way for self-awakening and self-transcendence.   You can find various articles on Mantra and healing.  There are numerous ways to utter mantra specially the most and recommended one is while meditation.

Undoubtedly one of the most common healing mantra is the OM which is linked to your Crown Chakra as well as the Third-eye chakra.


The above picture depicts the Bija Mantra, the chanting of the chakra which balances your subtle energy.   Literally ‘chakras’ are known as wheel.  Mantras even today evoke the same results in those who solemnly practice them.  Don’t you feel that strong vibration in your body when you hear loud music? Mantras have much more vibrational energy because they help you get connected with the Ultimate, becoming one with the Omnipresence.

It is recommended to meditate daily.  There is no need to utter them loudly.  Silently repeating a mantra as you meditate is a powerful way to enter the silence of the mind.  As soon as you start and echo the mantra, it subsequently generates a mental vibration allowing the mind to experience deeper levels of awareness. You find yourself connected to a pure and blissful moment.  Meditation will thus help to calm your mind, help to concentrate more in what you do in life, ability to make better decisions and to be more successful in life.  Mantras along with meditation will make you more powerful.

History reveals that people have believed a lot in those powerful syllables which could control external world thereby controlling the unseen forces.  They were used as spell to control many forces such as through magic.

Use the Healing Mantra now and see changes in your all areas of your life.

Continue to meditate with the help of mantras. It will surely help you in your life.


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