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Guided mindfulness meditation

Guided mindfulness meditation
Guided mindfulness meditation

What the mind can perceive, it can conceive.  The Guided mindfulness meditation helps you to be in tune to your higher self, to be at peace with yourself, with nature and others. The Guided mindfulness meditation can help you to manifest your desires/ dreams out of thin air. You only need the motivation to start and once you start, you won’t stop.
Motivation is the intense desire caused by internal or external forces that drive people to achieve what they want in life at any point in time anywhere.

How can the guided mindfulness meditation help you everyday

Mindfulness meditation is one way where you get in tune with your ‘self’ including the surrounding within you.
It happens that at some point in time, we feel uninspired by life, people and other events and we no longer have that stimulating desire to go ahead and take actions.  Can mindfulness meditation be one source of Motivation?

Most countries are becoming so bustling are we are now globally connected to everyone, chatting, listening to all sort of stories, gossips and we have involve ourselves so much into other things that we have forgotten our meditative mind.  But the mind does think many thoughts at one time and sometimes thoughts that will not even serve your life purpose.

Guided mindfulness meditation
Guided mindfulness meditation

Quieting our mind is not something easy too if we do not know how to tame it.  But do you know how powerful your mind can be?  It is so powerful that it can help you achieve what you want in life thus creating that intense drive in your mind and whole body?
One simple example:  You need to cross the road and there are many traffic going on.  Who makes the decision to cross the road or not? Without a second thought, it is your mind who tells you it will be wise to stop and wait for the road to be clear and then you cross. Right!
But what if now you decide otherwise and try something different? Suppose you decide to cross and you play with your mind. You make the cars to stop and let you cross the road.  Can you do it?

It is only through mastering your beautiful mind that you will master your whole life.  Most of the time it is your mind who is taking control of your life.  Mindfulness meditation will definitely help you to be at peace mentally, physically and emotionally.  When you are in deep harmony with your ‘self’, you will be able to listen to your inner voice, create and attract the life you want.  It improves your memory, builds self-confidence, resolves phobias, fears and helps you to control your life.  Are you feeling motivated to meditate and discover yourself?
To name a few other benefits of mindfulness meditation:
1. Reduce pre-menstrual syndrome symptom

2. Visualization

3. Healing purposes

4. Decreases aging process

5. Reduces and slowly eliminates anxiety attacks, fears, phobias and anger.

Guided mindfulness meditation
Guided mindfulness meditation

I am not requesting to right now to go and search for ways to meditate. But develop your own strategy to proceed with the meditation. Remember you are your own master. Be good and do good.

Are you ready? Set it and Go.  Your beautiful now is now. Guided mindfulness meditation will help you in all aspects of your life.

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