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The Journey

7 of Roses

7 of roses form part of the Minor Arcana of the Akashic Tarot Cards. The Minor Arcana talks about relationships, events, feelings, activities and personal world. Here this card talks about a journey which might soon crop up. You might be going abroad soon either for work or something else. Or, this can also indicate the day to day activities of your life. Like, how you respond to current events, how they might be affecting you. Your life is a journey – not a destination. Just like in this picture, people are loading materials. Similar in your life, you might feel lots of things are going on. You might have been tired and wondering how much you need to give more. Well, you have been giving a lot lately – be it at work. Now what are you giving? Hard work, struggles, pain, your energy, gossips, negativities, judgment, blames, excuses and so on. Hold on. It’s not always about giving. You are out of balance. While there’s a saying – A ship is not meant to stay in the harbour!! So do you.

Like said earlier, life is a journey. It’s filled with adventures as well. Go out and dare to do things you are passionate about. You need BALANCE. Give & Receive. It’s time to receive. Have fun – Plan something.  Time isn’t going to wait for you.

In general, for few of you – there is a high possibility of going abroad. It will be something that will excite you – send thrills to your whole body. Yes, it is. Be ready to fly high. Have faith and prepare yourself. It is related to your dreams.
For a few of you, know that if a journey has been cancelled, it’s divine timing. Have faith and keep believing in your dreams. Have so much of faith in it. You will be surprised how things will soon unfold.
Brief, Rest assured it is going to be MAGICAL FOR ALL.

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