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Family Bond

Family Bond
Family Bond

The Importance of Family Bond

Our family, our first and foremost ideal instance that represents love, the bond, that creates the finest sentiments known to man seem to be under threat today.  Children hardly appreciate what their parents are doing for them.  The Family Bond seems to weaken.

A family that can bond together will be a family that is united forever. But who is to be blamed ? Is it today digital’s age!! Parents!! Society!! Education system!! Peer groups !! Social Media!!
Probably all of them.  Increasing affluence, estrangement between husband and wife, the erosion of parental authority which were previously unheard are becoming an alarming issue in almost every states.

In societies where families were united by kinship ties, divorces were uncommon.  The burden of living separately are faced by those innocent children who in turn no longer believe in family ties.   Related articles and studies have concluded that most children are faced with the brunt of conflicts between their parents.  This impact negatively on their behaviour and health.  This truly weaken the family bond.  Children become mentally disturbed and this is why they even grow up with this misunderstanding that a healthy relationship does not even exist.  They are thus mostly likely to repeat the same mistake.


What can you do now to save the family bond?

Does a concession helps?  This is when both the husband and wife reach an agreement that they will save their marital life and make it prosper.  Doing things out of obligation will certainly not help in the future because with time you will feel the burden in your hearts that you had no other options but to save your children from suffering.  A concession should be done in mutual respect and rekindle the love between the husband and wife.  Life is short.  Save your marital life now.
If your relationship is not working out, you both need to sit down and talk.  Communication is the key point.  Communicate your honest feelings to each other, talks about your weaknesses and strengths and learn to solve problems.

Do not marry just for the sake of the society if you are not ready to enter a relationship.  Commitment is far much better than compromise.  It is true that we need certain adjustment and we need to compromise.  But what’s the use of such a compromise when both partners are not happy with each other.

Teach your children values and cultures.  Be friends with them so that they can easily share with you. Don’t think of being harsh or way too strict with them.  You will create the gap.  You just need to erase that gap and protect them.  That’s how you protect your family bond.

Teach them about the dangers that they might face in the society.  Spend more time with them, play with them, have dinner with them, plan vacations with them and share stories that will inspire them.


Is the new social media and digital network causing the generation gap?

You cannot prevent your children from using new technology.  This is their era. Technological innovations are now giving people around the world new opportunities to shape their own destinies.  It seems most people can no longer live without technologies.  They play an important role in the education system of children.  You cannot deprive them of their rights but you can control what they are using, you can limit what they are using.

Technology can however become a barrier if children are misusing it.  It is the role of parents and the educational system to have control over them.
Parents wake up!! be aware of the various problems faced by technology today. Be aware of cyber bullying. Be aware with whom your children chat with.  I will not say about having full control over them but warn and protect them.

Whether only one parent brings in income in the house, do not underestimate your partner.  Plan everything together and share the happiness and worries together.  Maintain the balance in your relationships.  If you see, you cannot make more children, opt for family planning.  Why put a child on earth when you can’t fulfil his/her needs?

If you want to save your family bond, spare more time for your family.  Having troubles at work?
As soon as you enter your home, leave the baggage of troubles outside.  At home, you are the parent and you have your partner to take care of. Respect.

In life, we all will face some good and bad experiences. But if your family bond is strong, you can face it together.

”Family is the most important thing in the world.” – Princess Diana

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