08 May

Emotionally sensitive people

There are different categories of people on earth, those who can resist the crowd and those who cannot resist the crowd.  Is there any problem?  Are those who cannot resist the crowd afraid to come out?  It could be one of the reasons.  They are the Emotionally Sensitive People.

Emotionally sensitive people are those who are easily hurt by comments, they are often teased and criticized.  But that does not make them weak people.  They just don’t want to reply back and they are usually not offensive in nature.  These emotionally sensitive people are mostly immune to different energies which can sometimes make them vulnerable since they cannot bear the energies of people.  This is one reason why they hate crowds as they feel suffocated.  It is not always good to say that they are afraid to come out in crowds.

Emotionally sensitive people
Emotional Sensitivity

The characteristics of Emotionally sensitive people

Emotionally sensitive people have different characteristics.  They are able to recognize whom they can approach and befriend.  They have that special gift of knowing whether the opposite party is trustworthy or not.

Peaceful by nature, these emotionally sensitive people know how to avoid conflict and are friendly by nature. You can often trust them as they do understand your emotions. Simply they are an empath.

But it is important to deal with emotions because this can somehow make you weak since you cannot adapt to changes.  Emotionally sensitive people must know how to balance their sensitivity by being confident enough and using logic or common sense in their daily activities.  Do not ignore your feelings and go with the flow.  Understand the emotions you are in depending upon the situations you are.  By ignoring your feelings, you will only dump in deep inside of you which is not good because you will be draining your energies.  Do not be afraid also to speak out your honest feelings to whom it may concern.

While emotionally sensitive people do not like to make new friends, they can still be friendly to people. Make it a point to listen and share ideas. Join clubs where there is interaction and ability to understand the various emotions.

Besides, they should also review their boundaries.  Are they restricting themselves too much that they are closing doors to opportunities in life?  Be open to changes, learn and grow.  You just need to honor your emotional sensitivity.  You might be of service to others but it is important that you balance the give and receive. Accept help from those who want to guide and help you.  Get to know them.  You cannot just help others if you are tired and drained.  Learn to step back and reassess the situation.

Emotionally sensitive people should also learn to keep a positive mindset and learn how to control situations.  Because most of the time, they are prone to vulnerability when they are faced with unexpectation.  Learn to let go situations that no longer serve your way.  It is not wise to possess things which does not serve you.

Emotionally Sensitive
Emotional Sensitivity

You will find you can be a mixture of all three.  Maintain your balance in life.  You do not need to be 100% an extrovert or introvert or shy.

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