06 Jul

How to be healthy?

We are easily stressed out these days. We care less about out health and eat too many fast foods. After a long day at work, who cares to cook a good meal? Hardly a few!! We no longer maintain a healthy lifestyle – probably because of this hustle and bustle life. We give less time to family and other relationships, since our top most priority is to finish our work. It’s all about business afterall. But, a healthy well-balanced lifestyle will help you to better manage stress and still enjoy life. Here’s a few quick easy simple ways to stay healthy. It will cost you nothing. Enjoy it!

  1. Important – Sleep early and Rise up Early. Plan your day well.
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Be sure to add colors to your meal.
  4. Start your day with a positive mindset. Add gratitude to it as you wake up.
  5. Before stepping out from your bed, do some stretching exercises and a few deep breathing. As soon as you wake up, drink at least 1 glass of warm water. It will help you a lot.


6. Instead of just checking on social media, do something more creative – like exercises, a few dance moves (anything crazy),  or some cardio, or read good stuffs like healthy blog, creative blog. Buy books on personal development and read few lines before sleeping. Leave behind all stress before you sleep.
7. Spend more time with family. You should try to find that time. Devote your love to them. Plan regular day out.

Healthy8. Plan holiday vacation (one you can afford)
9. Enjoy your life as much as you can.
10. Eat more balanced diet – consult a dietician if necessary.
11. Visit your doctor when needed – don’t wait when it’s too late.
12. Do some extra curricular activities.
13. Laugh often – Watch good movies instead of those series which stress the mind. Fair enough 😛
14. Stimulate your brain by doing good stuff, by staying positive.
15. Plan your goals – what you want to do in life
16. No smoking and alcoholic drinks.
17. Not only for ladies – care more about your body. Pamper yourself everyday. Go for a spa at least every 2 or 3 months.
18. Eat more fibre and foods rich in vitamins.
19. Do yoga or other similar exercises like meditation.
20. Less salt and sugar.  Choose foods that are low in saturated fats. Verify labels before buying foods.
21. Avoid Soda and enhanced drinks or energy drinks.
22. Last but not least, enjoy your life. Have fun. Solve problems. Don’t just sit down and cry. Do what you love.

These are just few Easy and simple ways to stay healthy. You can go on to add more. Our main aims to just to remind you to stay healthy. Healthy living relates to both mental and physical wellbeing. In addition now, emotional, physiological and spiritual wellbeing also come into line. Take better care of yourself, dear readers.

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