07 Dec


If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness. – M. Esther Harding

awakened man

What it means to return back to love!! Whatever your situation is right now, no matter what’s your gender or what prejudice you hold or belief you have, energy always matter. If you feel you are too much drained, afraid to take a major step or something is holding you back, re-check or examine how are YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW?

We are meant to love and to feel that love. It starts with you first. Man,you are as beautiful as everyone. You participate in creation just like woman. You are as divine as us. We value your divine masculine energy.  So, Here, let’s talk more about you.

It’s time to awaken your dormant energy and acknowledge how powerful you can also be in manifesting the dreams or desires you love so much.  It’s time to be consciously aware of everything that you do, how to use powerful metaphor and act back. Act back with love. Because love is the start of everything. It’s time to lay down your ego.

When you let go your ego and anger, you will reconnect back to love which stems from the universe. Knowing well again, that the universe has your back and will always support you. You will believe more in yourself. Knowing that loneliness does not mean you should search for another soul. Whoever you are searching lives within you. The more you start to love yourself more, things will start to synchronize.

It’s time to feel your divine masculine energy by examining your wounds.  Don’t let that keep hurting you. You will vent it on someone else. Be assertive in the most respectful way and take no bullshit. And know that, it’s okay to be vulnerable and emotional. It’s part of you. Honor that and feel that emotion. When you will truly awaken your dormant energy, you will become a warrior of authenticity. A warrior full of love. With all your strength, you will know better how to guard your heart and energy. You will better understand how to set your inner boundaries.  Last but not least, we respect your divine masculine energy.

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