25 Jul

Wellness at Home

Your home is your ultimate abode. It is thus important to create wellness at home at the first place itself. How would you feel if your home is in a mess! Creating wellness at home helps you to stay in meditative state. We are sure that you love your home. It all starts with healthy eating, positive thinking and ways you set your home.


Begin by decluttering your home. Remove items / possessions which you are not longer using. Possessions are unhealthy especially if you are overly attached to them.
Reach out for an interior designer if you need it. Creating a zen environment is more healthy than having messy or unwanted items around.
You can also reach out for an outdoor space which will get you closer to wellness where you can begin or end the day with Yoga or meditation.

You should also improve your wellness by maintaining a healthy balance diet everyday.  Remove junk food in your kitchen and replace them with more healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, fruit juice and so on.

For your meditation corner, why not include items such as singing bowls, meditation mat, oil and diffusers, good music. I usually prefer music without lyrics.

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