18 Aug

Consciousness is my essence

”To be aware of what exactly?”  – These were the words spoken by Jain as he was faced with chaos in his life. ”What you meant by consciousness is my essence?” Jain met somebody he hardly knew when he was left all alone in his darkest moments in life. He gave him the name Sadhu. Sadhu because like him Sadhu was merely a traveller raising awareness of consciousness. He spoke to Jain so that Jain could ultimately face all those difficult moments with more ease.

”Consciousness is my essence, my dear friend Jain, means that is the core of your individual soul.  Why did you ever forget who you were? Our inner self holds our awareness. How did you ever create that chaos in your life? Or if, they were created by someone else in your life, why did you forget you are deeply connected to the Universe? We are all connected. You should have known that the Universe holds the ultimate truth.”

Jain: ”I can’t understand any of what you are saying to me. Can’t you give me a simple definition? I can’t think of anything right now.”

Sadhu: ”Of course, you are thinking. You are thinking of all the troubles only. You are not focusing on your inner wisdom. You are not focusing on awareness. It means you are not truly aware of your situation. What was the cause and effect of this situation? Opposite values are complimentary, my friend. If there is light, there is darkness. If there is summer, there’s winter. If there’s loss, there’s gain. If there’s death, there’s also rebirth. Name it yourself. That’s just a few. Why are you focusing on the problems? Why can’t you find solutions? Solutions are meant to get rid of problems. More problems, more solutions. More hate, more love. More light, more darkness. More darkness, more light. And, the most beautiful thing is you are the light, my friend. That’s how we met. I am light too. I light your path and you light mine, just now. Consciousness is everything. It’s the true essence. In your darkness, you came across the dark night of the soul. Remembering your light means work to be done. Remember, where there is light, there is shadow. So, my friend Jain, your shadow works now begin.  Connect yourself back to the source of love and light. Let go of all fears and trust in the Universe. You may call it God, the creator, love, or light. I don’t know. There’s is a force there meant to protect us. There’s nothing that can stop you now. Be good and kind to people. Was I clear now? See, tonight is your rebirth. Unlearn the hard ways and learn the new ways that always existed. Let go of ego and old beliefs that were stopping you.  Tonight, I am glad I have been able to shed some light on your path. So what have you decided?”

Jain: ”My journey continues, Sadhu. I have to light somebody’s else path now. I bow to the divinity in you. Thank you for lighting my path tonight”


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