13 Jul

Taking care of your Body

Yes, you are in charge of your whole body, mind and spirit. If you do not take care of yourself, do not expect others to that for you. Do not wait for the end to visit a doctor. Out of your busy schedule, find time to take better care of your body. Do not neglect it just because you are more concerned of fame, work and recognition.

Body and wellness

Power of your Mind, Body and Spirit

You are the master of your own life. Do not allow others to control that power of yours. Taking good care and control of your life is essential for your own well-being. It can worse when you are suffering from chronic illness and you don’t treat that. You may well know the Bible verse that your body is a temple.  Make that your top priority to take better care of your body, mind and spirit. Because if you are worried, this will have an impact on your whole body. When you do not find ways to deal with stress, these are stored as trauma in your cells which will eventually come out as psychological.

body and wellness

What should you do to take better care of your body?

  1. Find a gym or do Yoga
  2. Eat healthy food to allow proper digestion
  3. Leave work early when you are overly stress – You have next day to complete the work.
  4. Make sleep a top priority
  5. Find a healthy diet plan that works for you especially if you are sick
  6. Learn to say NO to unwanted requests
  7. Ground yourself regularly
  8. Drink lots of water

You might have noticed similar tips from our previous posts. In case you are reading this, this might be a gentle kind reminder to take better care of your body.

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