16 Aug

Build your resilience

We all have ups and downs in life. We fail several times and are often knocked down. It is important to build your resilience in order to survive in this world.


Resilience is the ability to bounce back from all the difficulties that we face. Inability to manage our emotions at such a time will only affect our mental and emotional health. Remember if you keep failing even after several times, do not back down. It will make you stronger. In order to build your resilience, you need to soar higher just like the eagle. Do not fear. View any difficulty as a challenge rather than a problem.  Changing your mindset is more important rather than just reacting to such situations.  Be more committed to your good goals and values. Change them if they no longer serve you. Remember, you do not have to prove yourself to others. In addition, know that there are uncontrollable events in life and you should have personal control over on your self rather than trying to control outside forces.

Quick tips on how to build resilience

  1. Resilient people will always see the positive in any difficult situations. This won’t really erase your tough time but will help you to better solve it or deal with it
  2. Exercise daily as this will help you to build stamina and be more mentally strong. You will get to know your body more
  3. Make your weaknesses your strengths. Do not allow others to exercise control over you
  4. Find something meaningful to do in life which relates to your life purpose
  5. Get involved in some social services so that you keep yourself engaged. It is best to add values to people’s lives
  6. Practice a sense of gratitude daily
  7. Wake up early and exercise ( go for morning walk, meditate )
  8. Pamper yourself. Master yourself first before mastering others
  9. Be more connected to the true source of love. When fears overtake you, return back to the true source of love. Remember your connection to the Holy Spirit
  10. Change your belief about a particular event. Be the observer rather than being the victim
  11. The benefits of yoga do not just improve physical flexibility, but can help you on all levels such as mental and emotional.


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