30 Jul

Attracting Money

Does being rich means having lots of money?  Take a look around you and identify if those having a pool of wealth, are they in a wonderful relationships with everyone?  Certainly very few of them. Attracting money in your life does not mean that you are showing temptation or dying to have money.  Money is certainly not evil but what you do with it is evil.   We all want our dreams and desires to be fulfilled. There are ways of attracting money in your life.
Everything has a cost.  Literally money is only God in Action. But how do we attract money we want and meanwhile maintaining balance in life? One simple way is the 40 day prosperity plan which you can use.  You will be guided to various other techniques of how to attract money.

Ways of attracting money

1. Be grateful. Every time you show gratitude, you are showing love to life. The more you feel gratitude, the more love you give and the more love you give, the more you receive. So do not rebuke money even if you have little.

2. Be friend to money and spend it wisely and be grateful when you spend it as if you are happy with the service offered.

3. Feelings about money? If you grew up with the concept that money is evil, you have distanced yourself from enjoying a life filled with what you want. You are bound to enjoy a life filled of abundance and this is your birthright. You play a small game and won some amount of money. How do you react after you spend it all? Back to that state of how you felt without money? This is the problem. You need to love money and be happy.

4. It doesn’t matter in which state you are in right now. All can start with your permission to change the way you view and think of money. How do you react when others receive money or win a lottery? Money acts only as a tool, an elusive entity to get what you want in life. But how to react to illusion. It is merely a small piece of paper you use to get what you want. But adding love to that piece of paper will certainly change the way you react to money.

5. Use daily affirmations to attract money. Everyday choose some affirmations that describe the way you feel about money.

6. Meditate and visualize the scene of having what you want in life. What you sow is what you reap. Sow good thoughts and reap the best in life. Meditation will definitely help you to attract money in your life. Various meditation can be abundance meditation, gratitude meditation and many others.  Overall you just need to be friend with money.

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