19 Sep

Am I happy with my career?

Many people need some good career advice for success.  Everybody wants a career where they will excel into it.  Selecting a good career path is crucial else you will end up doing unfulfilling jobs. Everybody wants job satisfaction and enjoy freedom.  But sometimes many will be choosing a job which they do not like.  You will find below some of the few best career advice for success that might help you make the best choice in life.

”I want to have a career that evolves as I go on.” – Ed Sheeran

Few best career advice

  1. Choose a good course in which you know you will get a good job and pay.  You should choose the job in which you know you will succeed with flying colours.  Do not follow a course just because you are being told to do so.  Follow your passion.  If courses do not interest you, opt for the one where you can start your own business later.
  2. When you first join a new job, be patient in learning.  The environment is totally new to you so are the people.  You might find difficulties in adjusting.  You will need a little bit of compromise and time.  You should love what you are doing and speak your honest feelings. For example, if something you don’t understand or don’t like, you should speak with your immediate subordinates.
  3. Often in the beginning, many people do not like their job. Hold on for some time, you might ultimately be the best team leader after going through struggles. Else you still have the option to quit and choose something else.
  4. Build good bridges within your working environment and outside your working zone, especially with all stakeholders.  Remember your colleagues should also be treated as internal customers.  Respect them just like you would care for your customers.   Your colleagues will often have an important hand in shaping your career.  Thus be good to all.
  5. Have a plan in life. What are your goals in life? Where are you going?  Is it important to choose this job or can I do something much better in life?  Do not follow the crowd. Devise your own career path.
  6. If you are not good at a job and you still love that job, why not follow a training or personal development
  7. What are you seeking in a job? Ask yourself? Climbing the ladder or remaining at the bottom level only. What makes you happy and at peace?  Do you like to work in a team or independently?
  8. Be prepared to listen to criticism and feedback as they serve as an improvement.  Do not take them at heart.
  9. Know how to deal with stress and manage your topmost priorities.  Working out for something you do not like is stressful.
  10. Work smartly not harder.
  11. Do not be afraid of failures.  They are part of life.  If you hear a NO in life, it is never the END.  NO always mean ‘Next Opportunity’ while END means ‘Efforts Never Dies.’  This is the top quote of the late Sir Abdul Kalam.
  12. Learn to ask for help from your colleagues whether they are seniors or juniors.  Control your ego.  This is not a sign of weakness.  Learn to share your knowledge.
  13. Believe in yourself and that you can do it.  Review your weaknesses and make them your weapon.




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