24 Feb

A Happy Life consists

What does a happy life consists of? What could be the habits of happy people? Are Poor people not happy? What contributes to a happy life? A Happy life consists of living the life you have always wanted. Some will obviously link their happiness to something. But get rid of attachment and just enjoy each and every moment in your life.


What does a Happy Life consists of?

1. Be Kind to yourself and admire yourself. Choose only positive thoughts and words to describe yourself and your life. Be Happy.

2. Happiness is contagious. Choose your people with whom you want to communicate. Bad people or people with low energies will distress you.

3. Be grateful to what you have in life, show respect to everyone. Every action you take has a reaction. So choose the good ones.

4. Restrict all negative aspects in your life such as media, chemical foods which disturb your health and gossips.

5. What others think or say about is not of your business. Let them talk.

6. Stop thinking over useless things. Use your energy wisely on productive things.

7. Leave your past behind by making peace with it. Let go of all situations which you can no longer control.

8. Make smile your daily habit. Smile if you are angry or sad. Try it. If you are sad, smile. Are you able to think negatively when you smile?

9. Take better care of yourself and pamper yourself daily with small stuffs such as hugging or congratulating yourself.

10. Share your joys with your dear ones, crack jokes and donate wholeheartedly to people.

11. Remember no one is charge of your happiness. You control your own life.

A Happy Life consists

12. Be your own master and follow your passions.

13. Do not have expectations from others. If others can’t do it, let it be. Learn to control your emotions.

14. Learn to speak your truth and to communicate the message. If you hide what you want to share, you block your own energy.

15. Learn to follow baby steps to achieve what you want.

A Happy Life consists

Article to follow: Life Purpose


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